Slow Food Illes Balears
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Slow Food Illes Balears

Slow Food Illes Balears is an associació sense ànim de lucre, independent and sense inclinació política. It is configured by a heterogeneous group of people from different competitions with a close link with the food industry: producers, farmers, fishermen, forners, agrònoms, scientists, cuiners, creatius, educators, journalists, documentalists ... Tots ells with a common denominator: They are responsible consumers .

L'associació is going to form at the end of 2007 , with a local moviment creat from the premises of the international organització. It is strongly linked to the food producers communities , es a dir,connecta i uneix a camperols, fishermen, ramaders, forners and petits artesans amb * gastronomists, professionals de l'alimentació, cuiners, agrònoms, scientists and responsible consumers, als quals es diem coproductors .

Proposes the ' ecogastronomy ' as mitjà to unite and protect the local gastronomic culture with l'ecologia de la terra, through the production of local food, crafts, ecològics and food just: bons, nets and justs . Tot això celebrant seu sabor i qualitat, promotes the defense of local agro-food biodiversity and the preservation of rural and marine mitjà. The producer is the main protagonist of a new gastronomy. Els cuiners exerceixen a fonamental paper: són els intèrprets d'un territori, which qualifies in value through the seva creativitat.

Slow Food Illes Balears will be registered in February 2007 in the register of associations of the * Balearic Government.

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The gestation of the local movement

In October 2006, some founder members of Slow Food Illes Balears will be invited by Hindu activist Vandana Shiva, vice president of the international association, to participate in the trobada.

Terra Mare

. T erra Mare is the international community of food communities , the best projecte impulsat per * Slow * Food. It will be a magnetic harvest, fruit of the naixeria pocs dies després l'asociació a Balears, with the main objective of creating a great variety of producers and consumers in the community .

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