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De la tierra a la mesa, de la semilla al plato

Our concept of food is a multi-faceted approach, a conscious focus on the strong link between plate, planet, people and culture. We encourage a responsible and wide-scope relationship with food, combining an interest for the culture of food and wine and gastronomic pleasure with the desire to defend local food biodiversity: responsible hedonism. We consider the act of eating as not merely fulfilling a biological need, but also as a pleasure to share with others. Our decisions regarding food provoke direct effects on the markets orologi replica italia and, therefore, on food production, therefore our food options can go towards benefitting our palates, our environments and our societies.


Good, clean and fair



What is good, clean and fair food? Slow Food's approach to agriculture, food production and gastronomy is based on a concept of food quality defined by three fundamental interconnected principles which are synthesized in the slogan “good, clean and fair”.

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Good. Relating to taste, good products are those who give pleasure to the senses, which are intricately linked to the identity and local gastronomic culture: traditional, local, seasonal products, forgotten flavours or at risk of disappearing...
Clean. Clean food is produced and consumed in a respectful borse firmate imitazioni perfette  and sustainable way, taking into account the entire cycle of production and the ecosystem as a whole. It is sustainable and organic food with positive effects on our health, animal welfare, agricultural biodiversity, the landscape, climate change...

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Fair. This concept is related to the organisation of work and markets, which must guarantee prices that are accessible to consumers, as well as fair economic benefits and conditions for producers and the recognition they deserve for their work.



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