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Food Guide: where to get good, clean and fair products in the Balearic Islands

In 2009 we published the Food Guide of good, clean and fair food products, the first comprehensive Balearic map of local, organic, artisan, fair trade food products.

This directory has become a point of stables tag heuer autavia répliques reference for local, organic, quality, artisan products in the Balearics, and a formidable tool for commercialisation and direct sales for producers, helping to shorten the commercial chain.


The guide presents food as a synonym for pleasure, awareness and responsability.

Consumption becomes an act of co-production: consumers who are informed about the impact of their buying decisions on agricultural policies, on the wellbeing of farmers and on ecosystems, become co-producers. For them, food products need to be good, clean and fair:

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Good. Local, seasonal products with high organoleptic value, forgotten flavours that are at risk of extinction. All are intimately linked with local identity and gastronomic culture.

Clean. Refers to the ecology of the earth and the sustainability of production methods and food processing. In defense of local food and agricultural biodiversity by promoting local varieties of vegetables and animal breeds.

Fair. Promoting decent working conditions for producers, who need to obtain a fair economic benefit for their work and also need to receive the consideration they deserve.


The project had the support of the Trade Department and of Successió Miró, who donated the rights to reproduce Joan Miró's painting “Vegetable garden and Donkey” (1918) on the back of the guide. 20,000 copies were printed, and an online pdf version.

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